Bridal handbag with oyster grey pattern
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The Tsarina Tote Bag | Oyster


Silk Tote Bag

In ancient times, only those of royal heritage could enjoy the quality and look of truly beautiful silk.

Organic handwoven silk, crafted with the skill and traditions of centuries. Styled for you by The Silk Merchant with a timeless design.

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Bridal handbag with oyster grey pattern
Wedding silk handbag with silver detailing
Handmade silk bridal bag in organic silk
Handmade bridal handbag with white silk organza
wedding handbag handmade from pure silk
bridal bag handmade from raw silk
Pure silk handbag with matching handwoven silk scarf
bridal bag with pattern detail in silver grey colour
Grey silk handbag with matching handmade silk scarf
Unique handmade silk tote bag with silver pattern

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100% organic smooth silk