Handmade silk handbag in pink colour
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The Kashgar Tote Bag | Rose Gold


Silk Tote Bag

The Kashgar was the scene of The Grand Marketplace, the finish line of the journey for the silk merchants of old.

The design of this handbag is the culmination of elegance and sophistication, your reward for a long day's journey...

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Handmade silk handbag in pink colour
Pure silk handbag
Rose gold handbag with silk scarf
Rose gold tote bag
Pink tote bag with pure silk scarf
Pink Tote bag with pink silk scarf
Pink silk handbag

Additional Info

100% organic handwoven raw silk.

The two tone profile of this silk is created by a double loom weave of both horizontal and vertical complimentary thread.

370mm x 190mm.

Also available in Classic Black and Saffron Gold.