Handmade silk handbag with top handles and green handwoven silk scarf

For thousands of years, the Silk Road was an ancient passageway between cultures providing a platform for showcasing many creative industries to the world.

From the bazaars of Kashgar to the desert stalls of Africa and the imperial courts of the Great Kahns, merchants would travel the Silk Road to exhibit their workmanship and trade their exotic products. The Silk Road provided a wellspring of design inspiration while also protecting the ancient skill and authenticity of silk making.

In the same way, The Silk Merchant provides exclusive access to this lost world of authentic craftsmanship by blending the traditional techniques associated with silk weaving with contemporary design. Our silk handbags, clutches, silk scarves and other silk accessories embody a blend between the vibrant, traditional patterns of the East with the style and functionality of modern-day living of the West. The skillful and authentic finish of our silk handbags and scarves is a testament to the intricate process and workmanship involved in creating a personal silk story with every piece.

At The Silk Merchant, we love silk, but we love people more. The Silk Merchant aims to preserve traditional practices important for conserving sustainable skills and development. We are committed to supporting initiatives and projects which provide communities with opportunities to thrive in the context of impoverished or difficult circumstances.

We, at The Silk Merchant, invite you to come travel the silk road with us...

Yellow handbag with intricate pattern detail and fuchsia pink silk scarf


At The Silk Merchant, all of our silk handbags and scarves are produced by the Mulberry Silkworm and are 100% organic silk. The process of creating your final silk piece is a long one involving the arduous task of harvesting silkworm cocoons, preparing intricate looms and hand-weaving the silk. In fact, a single silk handbag can take around 4 months to create. 

Pink tote handbag with fuchsia pink bolero wrap for bridesmaids


In the same way that none of our individual stories are the same, no two silk pieces at The Silk Merchant are the same. ‘Imperfections’ in the final product are a testament to the handcrafted authenticity of our silk. Each piece is made individually for you so that the uniqueness of your own story is reflected in our silk.  

Yellow handbag with silk detailing and pink silk scarf


All of our silk is organic - No stage involves any factory processing but always consists of the artistry and expertise of individual silk craftsmen and craftswomen. We, at The Silk Merchant, aim to promote and support sustainable industry at a local level through the dying art of silk-weaving.