To The Artist...

Jaipur, India

A "Picture paints a Thousand words..." so the well known saying goes.

All of us have a view of the world that is unique.  A view that only you can have.  A view of the world through your own artistic eyes.  At The Silk Merchant we have discovered that all of us are artists! 

So what does this picture say to you?  What do you imagine?  What do you see that I dont? 

 At The Silk Merchant, we see colours, shapes, patterns and personality… all the things that we love.

Each design reflects a purpose, each pattern reflects a personality and all combine together to reflect the thoughts and ideas of a collection of artists and their view of the world through their eyes.

When we create a handbag or a scarf or any other accessory, just like the artisans of old, we draw on the beauty of things around us...the colours, shapes and patterns.  This beauty comes from both natural and man-created objects.  We interpret beauty as we see it, coloured by our personal ideas, views and expressions.  

Looking at this picture, I find it is easy to feel the marble, the coolness, the history. Even this simple photo captured through my amateur eye, tells me of the thought and planning that went into the creation of this scene. I can almost visualise the craftsman working together to create the physical demonstration of what started as pure ideas in someones creative mind. Of course, if these craftsman had worked on my plan, it would have looked different.  Because the beauty that I would want portrayed would have been based on my perception and experiences of the world.  How great therefore, that we can experience beauty through the eyes of others and embrace the diversity of all of us...artists in our own eyes, in our own time!



had plannedBut it is a picture that paints a thousand words, a thousand ideas and a thousand expeiences.