Artisans At Work

Delwara Village, Rajasthan

Travelling in India is full of surprises, challenges and immense rewards.  As we travel for The Silk Merchant, this is no exception.  

Delwara Village is situated about 30km from Udaipur. This pretty village located within a tranquil rural valley sits quaintly dwarfed by the amazing Devigahr Fort, built in 1576.  

While staying in the Fort, which has now be converted to a beautiful hotel, we were able to spend time wandering through the village admiring the artisans at work in their homes. We sat on the floor with the silversmith as he crafted us a simple but beautiful silver bracelet.  We wandered and admired the paintings and murals on the walls at the entrance to homes. Paintings that told the story of an upcoming wedding or a story of grief in memory of a deceased loved one. We were welcomed with open arms to a village celebration, which although we were separated by language and cultural barriers were able to connect with amazing men and women ... to share ideals, cultural norms and experiences that are what makes the Road that we at The Silk Merchant travel, so inspiring.  It goes without saying, that the colours and the designs that we saw added another layer to our creativity.  We were able to "inhale" creative ideals that are embedded in this world and then take their experiences, their history, along with their skills and share it further abroad.  Isn't this why we at The Silk Merchant travel.  Why we bring and share artistic pieces as well as ideas from far and wide? 

At The Silk Merchant, each of our Handbag designs reflect each and every experience that we continue to collect along our journey.  Each silk scarf reflects a colour or an idea or a moment in time.  As I look at this photo of one of the village pottery artisans, the colour of her sari, the wrinkles on her hands, the smile on her face all reflect the years of imagination and craftsmanship at her fingertips.  Each loving article that she hand crafts, dyes and fires is testament to not only her life, but the history and culture of her village and the new experiences she is yet to share.  We are just so fortunate to be able to share this along with her! 

So are we surprised?...yes!  Some of our 'best" ideas have come from totally unexpected places.

Are we challenged?....yes!  Travelling in India is not for the fainthearted.

But the rewards are immense!!!  The people, the colours, the food, the hospitality, the inspiration and the list goes on.....