Living On The Edge...

Silk Merchant - Santorini

Fira, Santorini

I'm not sure if it is because of all of the white washed buildings, but all of the colours, no matter which way you turn, look so vivid. The stark white against the endless blue sky, with the Aegean Sea against the raw landscape ...I think the sun even shines brighter????

Sitting on my balcony, eating sweet baklava, (that I buy and consume by the kilo)` and drinking pale pomegranate tea, the smells, the all seems to enhance the experience.  Views, food, sunshine, is good!!!

And of course there is shopping.  Even in a market that sees it's fair share of tourism, I can still appreciate the fine silver jewelry, and the delicate lace. The lace, handmade on the island and seen blowing in the wind to dry after being dyed by hand.

As a Silk Merchant, I have discovered a greater appreciation for small artisan endeavours and the attempt by artists, purists and lovers of beauty, to sustain the art and craftsmanship of fashion.  Therefore, I applaud and seek to support these artists in the most practical way that I can.....I shop!!!!  At great personal expense to myself, I try to do my bit for the art of fashion.  I pack my Oasis Handbag, with delicate earrings, a gorgeous strappy lace top, fine silver chains, and head home.  It seems to have been a fine days work.

Of course at this point I need to mention that life as a Silk Merchant is not all easy going. To get to the shopping market, to the gorgeous little boutiques, to the baklava bakery and to all of the wonderful smelling tavernas, I must traverse a difficult path which includes hundreds of steps and much stopping to breathe and take in the view. But once I have purchased all of my little goodies, the road all down hill and at the end of the path, I am back to my balcony, chair, baklava and view!!! 

Life is great!!!