The Baby Taj

Agra, India

How amazing that 400 years ago, artisans of many different creative forums, created this wonderful piece of art.  Even the way that the colours are consistent within each pattern and are designed to reflect both the sun and the moon highlight the incredible creative talents that have existed throughout history.

At The Silk Merchant, we love to celebrate the creative genius and the skilful talents of craftsman, creators and visionaries.  Not only do these artisans create beauty in their own time, but they continue to inspire beauty throughout the generations.  Often we in the modern world assume that we are inventing something new, but we, at The Silk Merchant, recognise unashamedly, that we are inspired by artists of old, to blend the old with the new, the traditional with the contemporary.  Our Silk Merchant signature handbag, The Merchant, was directly inspired from the design and architecture of "The Baby Taj". 

How fortunate that in our modern world, that we are able to travel and lay down new memories based on a world created for us,  in a time long ago...