The Road to Jaisalmer

Charba Village, Jodhpur Province  

One of the best things about travelling for The Silk Merchant is the interesting characters you meet along the way. Once you get off the beaten track, you meet the real people who love to stop and share and of course love any photo opportunity.  They become part of your support team...making you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Before you know it, you are being adopted into the family and breaking bread with the new "rellies".

Who would think that our handsome goat herder would be an inspiration for handbags and scarves. Or that his colour combination would inspire Silk Merchant style. As women there's no way that we are not thinking of fashion, even at a time like this.  We love the turban!

Even as we head off to our next destination...a date with some camels...we are trying to work out how to tie our newly acquired turbans, so that they make a fashion statement.

Could this be a new addition to The Silk Merchant accessory range?