Phnom Penh

Urban Oasis

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Each of us at The Silk Merchant love to travel.  Whether it be the dusty road, a busy metropolis or a deserted beach, we embrace it. Our style evolves through the different environments, people and experiences that we are exposed to.  Each of these elements contribute to who we are and what we create.  An essential element of our creative journey, is the physical and social journey that we engage.  However, to absorb fully these encounters, as Silk Merchant travellers, we need a respite. It is during these times, that most of our thoughts become concrete or take shape.  Not during our times of busyness, but our times of rest.

We need an oasis even in the midst of lovable chaos. A place to replenish our soul, cool our senses and inhale the smells, languages, food and vibe of each culture and subculture that we visit.  A glimpse of a simple turquoise pool or a long cool drink can allow us to enjoy a moment of quiet.  To rest.  Enjoying this moment of peace is not idleness, but is a valuable moment to listen to the murmur of the water, to watch the movement of clouds or to observe the quiet conversation and laughter of friends sharing life together.  It is by no means a waste of time.

After a busy day searching whatever form of marketplace we may find ourselves, this time for us is vital.  

Our secret hideaway.  A place to imagine. New designs.  New ideas. The Silk Merchant story continues.